Official Presentation of My Books

 Readers are leaders, when you stop reading you start dying. Juliana Onwumere is putting in your hands two (2) powerful books that will enhance your quest for all-round success in life.



2. RULES THAT HELP    in the journey to succeed

This is to officially present these two books to you.  

After thinking through all my troubles, temptations and failures.  I decided to look for solution to failures in life.  I therefore devised some rules that can aid success which I consequently put together and it formed the book “Rules that help”.

Also seeing the high rate of moral decadence and lack of good family values and norms that is ravaging our society, which is also the root of the woes we are facing in Nigeria today, I have this conviction that it starts from unsettled and broken homes where the offspring are left to their fate.  The book “Build an Enduring Marriage” is my contribution towards educating the women on how to take care of their families to avoid broken homes.

I may not be very perfect in these works, but I want to assure you that anyone who picks a copy of these books today will be happy he or she did. They are well thought of and carefully packaged to encourage those who think they are disadvantaged to have a rethink.

Why you must have these books!

1.      You have young people that you know will desperately need these books.
2.      You want to be part of this great work of inculcating good morals on our young ones.
3.      You want to at least have your own personal copy or add it to your Library.
4.      You want to encourage me the author for the work I am doing.
5.      You believe that self reliance of the young people will guarantee brighter future.
6.   You want to change our world for the better.

How do you get these books?

The prices are as follows.
1.      For your own personal copy- N500 each.
2.      Orders between 10 copies- 49 copies- N400 each.
3.      Orders between 50 copies- 99 copies- N350 each.
4.      Orders between 100 copies and above – N300

Make payment to:

Pay CASH or Online Transfer into this bank account below and follow the instructions thereafter:
Bank Name – UBA PLC
Account Name – Juliana Onwumere Ndidi
Account Number – 2046472346

Send payment details and this information
After making the payment, make sure you send your payment details to me through SMS to: 08023224949 or email to: .
The payment details you are to send are:
1. Your Full Name.
2. Bank paid to & Teller number.
4. Amount paid.
5. No of copies purchased.
5. Your Phone Number.
6. Your physical address to collect the book.

The copies purchased will be delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria through any of the following means.
1.      Pick up in all our Distribution Point in the 36 state of Nigeria
2.      Commercial Transportation System
3.      UYEPFAS Bus delivery system
4.      DHL and EMS system
5.      Post office system