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Why You Must Not Allow Your Kids to Get Tattoos

Recently, there has been a resurgence of body markings especially among the young people.  Some get tattoos because of unnecessary reasons like; peer pressure, being stylish, beautification of the body without taking into consideration the meaning and origin of tattoos.

Marking of the body or tattoos was used in the past by pagans to mourn their dead.  History also confirmed that pagan kings and their families used tattoos to appease the anger of their gods.  It was also hoped that when they cut their bodies for the dead, they will find some help in the land of the dead.

How to Get the Best Of Your Child’s Education

Enrolling your child in a school, providing him with books and even hiring private teachers for his assignments and then you hands-off your responsibility and stay away from home all day is not enough to bring out the best in your child.

Every child needs a good start in life and the parents have the responsibility of providing a fantastic platform on which the child could walk and succeed.  Your role as a parent is to create an enabling environment for your child.  This is done by showing interest and capability of taking care of his needs, making life easy and meaningful to him by making adequate provision for the essentials – food, shelter, clothing, books and little pocket monies for his cravings. 

Punishments You Should Not Give to Your Kids

Things Your Should Not Do To Your Kids When Angered

There is no doubt that the children’s behavior can be most times repugnant and disheartening that you will have no choice but lose your temper. While I am a strong believer of child discipline, I do not subscribe to taking extreme actions that will affect the life of that child and probably the whole family negatively.

Why You Should Constantly Acknowledge the Beauty and Capability in Your Daughter.

Have you ever been referred to as ‘Handsome’, ‘Dude’, ‘a Damsel’, ‘an Angel’ ‘Gorgeous’ and the likes?  Say the truth, how do you instantly feel during such periods? On top of the world, rejuvenated and ‘wanting to impress’ right? 

That is exactly how your daughter feels when you acknowledge her beauty and capabilities in words. Trust me she carries on in that spirit throughout her life.

Compliments have a very strong effect in the life of every individual.  Positive compliment affects positively while negative compliment affects negatively

While we were growing up, we were not so lucky to receive such accolades because our parents probably was ignorant of this simple personality booster, they rather focused on our perceived “inadequacies and shortcomings” and then built this ‘can’t do spirit’ in most women.

Free Online Student’s Homework Helper Sites for Your Kids

It is no longer news that 80% of Nigerian parents do not have what it takes to solve their kids’ home works. Either they are no longer familiar with the transformation in the learning system or they have no knowledge of it at all.

Others who may have the capacity do not have the time to look into the kids’ books because of their busy schedules and commitments.   Some parents who could not bear seeing their kids fail are forced to employ private instructors to stand in for them and that means extra cost.

Don’t worry too much because there is this good news I want to send your way.  I have been able to identify some sites as well as apps that can help your kids with their home works and fix this problem for you and your kids free or with a token.

New Born Baby’s Symptoms that are Normal

The Arrival of a new born baby brings joy and happiness to a family.  Newly married couples often look forward with so much excitement for a day like this in their new home because it is a kind of marital accomplishment and dignity.  Even though this is no doubt a beautiful experience, it also comes with enormous responsibility and self sacrificing.

New mothers will naturally seek help and advice from more experienced ones especially their own mothers and grandmothers on how to take care of their new born.  Basically, most of the answers she gets are based on traditional beliefs and practices that are now replaced by sound medical discoveries. 

Tips to Stop Siblings' Quarell

It has been a long time reaching you through this blog.  Yes, I know you will wonder what has happened.  There is nothing more than that I have been busy working on my Book Blog.  Just take a look,  I am now fully back and will continue to give you tips on raising  good family units where responsible and future leaders will emerge. 

Okay!  Let’s face our topic for today.

At a time, it happens that each time my three kids are together, the whole house will be on fire. There is always something to fight for and this gets me real upset. 

The oldest one bullies the younger ones and the younger ones seem not to know their limits.  The worst culprit is the youngest of them all.  He puts a challenge to everything and then turns back to shout very loud and make everywhere uncomfortable.

I approached those whom I think should know better and they said when they grow older, they will stop.  While it is true that maturity will play a positive role in their relationships, can I continue to endure this heart rending squabbles till God knows when and watch them wreck their relationship?  No I need to find ways of stopping these before it gets out of hands.  So I started trying many ways to help myself and the kinds out of this mess.

Information You Should Not Share on Social Media

There is no doubt that the Social Media has provided a very good means of sharing information and interaction between families and loved ones.  In fact, those you shouldn't have met again in life are contacted with easy, kudos to the originators. 

Because of the overwhelming benefits users are getting, they have forgotten that there is also a very big limitation to what you can share on the social media.

This post is to remind you that it is not everything that concerns you that has to be shared on the Internet.  The following are some of the information you shouldn't share on the Internet.

Don’t Share Information on the Activities of Your Kids

Parents who are obsessed with the beauty, handsomeness or achievements of their kids are always tempted to share their faces, schools they attend and other activities of these kids on the Face Book or other Social Media.  This is not healthy for these kids in terms of security.  When you expose the faces and where your kids can be found, you are successfully helping Kidnappers, ritualists, robbers and other criminally minded people to locate your kids.

Don’t Share Your Nude Pictures

Posting naked or half dressed pictures of you and yours on the social media is not a good idea at all.  Whatever you have placed on your Face Book or other social networks is there for the whole world to see, and when these images get to the wrong hands, it can be used against you if not now, then in the near future when you will opt for responsible positions.  Remember that when you expose your body for the world to see, your reputation is at stake.

Tips for Disciplining Other People’s Kids

On many occasions, you must have seen other people’s kids misbehave and wish to correct or discipline them but wait; how will their parents or guardians view your action. What will be their reaction and then you just look at them and then bypass.  

Many parents are usually not comfortable with people who scold or correct their kids, they see it as insult or being weak parents on their part.   

What every parent should know is that when it comes to child’s up bringing, it is not a one man’s business; this is because you as a parent cannot be everywhere to monitor your own kids at all times. 

You need to know that when you prevent people from disciplining your kids, you are causing more harm than good to yourself and the child. 

However, you must not be deterred from correcting kids no matter what their parents may feel, say or do.  This is because when the consequence of uncouth children comes, it will affect everyone and not only the parents. 

Having said that, your correction must nevertheless be done with a measure of care to avoid being misconstrued for hatred or jealousy.

The following are some tips for disciplining other people’s kids:

Use Nice Words:  You saw a little girl doing her cooking, open a tap and the water flowed and flooded everywhere in the compound and her parents seems not to be bothered. Instead of yelling or spanking that child which can attract her parent’s reaction, call her close to you and tell her what a messy compound can do to her and other children.  Tell her that wasting of water is bad and expensive.  Let her promise that she will not do that again and tell her the punishment she will receive next time she does that. 

How to Engage Your Teens This Long Vacation

How to Engage Your Teens This Long Vacation

Another end of school year is here again – the long vacation, the children are on holidays after going through so many ‘stressful’ weeks and the examination period,  the holidays is going to last for two months or more.  This is quite a long time and we can not afford to leave these pre-adults idle because of the saying that “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.  The question now is how we are going to manage them this period so that they will not fall into trouble.

Some parents will rather quickly enroll their children in lesson classes – either privately organized or school lessons.  While this practice may seem good to some extent, it however contradicts the purpose of vacations.  School vacations are periods children need to relax their brains, recover from stress and learn new things aside classroom works.

Engaging your teens in extra curricular activities during the long vacations will help them mature into serious minded adults, prepare them for the future and open avenues that they can explore, but to allow them play away the time may lead them into troubles.

Let Them Learn a Skill:  Turn the vacation into a period of learning a skill.  There are different skills they can learn – bead making, hair making, carpentry, house painting, catering, computer etc.  Who knows they may be earning money from these skills to argument your efforts.

4 Reasons Why You Must Set Rules for Your Children

4 Reasons Why You Must Set Rules for Your Children

The following are the reasons why you must set rules for your children:
                         It teaches them self control.
2.                  It makes their activities coordinated and balanced.
3.                 It determines the kind of Adult they will be
4.                 It makes them more pleasant to people around them.

Time and again people confuse discipline with punishment; as a result, many parents do not like to set rules and boundaries for their children so as not to be branded ‘bad or wicked parents’. But the fact remains that setting rules and boundaries for children cannot be taken out from parenting and must be practiced by every parent.  Naturally, children have little or no self control and abandoning them to their faith is in fact putting their future in jeopardy.

Little Crimes Babies/Children Commit and Why You Should Not Ignore Them.

Do you know that as little as these children are and as innocent as they may look, they still commit some little crimes?  Also note that child delinquent starts as early as a child is born.  Although these attitudes can be a sign of cognitive progress, paying no attention to them can also have overwhelming effect on their lives in the long run.  The reason is that, while some children may get over these attitudes as they mature, others use them to form more negative behaviour as they become adults.
Some of these behaviors are:

Bites:  This starts as early as 5 months and they begin by biting the breasts of their mothers as they suck.  I have seen a mother who refused breastfeeding her baby because of these bites.  By the time you notice that your baby enjoys your groaning after biting you, do all you can to stop him from biting you. Removing the breast from his mouth and a little pinch on the mouth is okay.  Allow him to cry before coddling.   Ignoring this behaviour will make some children have the habit of biting other children in future and you know what that means.

Abusive:  From age 1-3 when a child begins to learn how to speak, he usually learns abusive languages first.  Some will use their hands, mouth, tongue and face to make abusive signs. They use these languages and signs as a means of defending themselves when they feel offended but then, we need to discourage them so that they will not turn into a torn on our flesh in the future. Children, who indulge in these kinds of behaviour, eventually turn out to be spoilt children.  

Slaps:  Some toddlers usually slap adults when they are lifted up or played with.  As much as this may be a way of showing happiness, allowing that is also encouraging bad behaviour, I am sure you will be embarrassed if your child slaps your visitor.  This is the reason why you must stop this attitude fast.  

Lies:  This is very common among children between the ages of 3-11.  At this age, they tell you things that aren't true.  My eight year old boy who wanted to sleep on my bed told me that he dreamt about toad and that he is seeing toads all over his bed.  I believed him and allowed him to sleep with us but with a little pressure from his Daddy, he confessed that he only wanted to sleep with us.  Because he lied, he was asked to go back to his bed.  Always punish every lie accordingly no matter how small.

Parents and guardians also teach children how to lie by telling lies themselves in the presence of the children or asking them to lie on their behalf. ‘Tell the visitor I am not at home’ while you are right there on your bed is a way of encouraging children to lie.  If it is inevitable for you to lie, try and explain to your child the reason why you lied and do not forget to tell them how sorry you are about it.  Allowing your children to lie will make them untrustworthy and unreliable adults.
Do You Know Your Daughter

Do You Know Your Daughter

Welcome back to the topic: Girl Child -  Ways of Protecting Her from Sexual Harrassment.  Before you say welcome from where, let me refresh your memory on the last topic. 

Here is the Post Charity Begins at Home, we discussed ‘starting her early life with God; showing interest in her affairs; being inquisitive etc.  

In this part, we are going to be more practical in our approach, we are going to look into some questions that will enable us know if truly we know our daughters. 

Knowing your daughter is being able to predict her capabilities, what she can or cannot do. In this regard, let me share this true life story with you:

Step Children – How to Handle Those That Just Won’t Listen to You.

Step Children – How to Handle Those That Just Won’t Listen to You.

A step child is a human progeny of your spouse by a previous marriage.  Step children can be inherited in so many ways; they may be children of your husband’s late wife or your wife’s late husband.  Some may be as a result of divorce or a mistake of the past by your spouse.  Whichever way these children emanate from, they are from God and have been placed on your care; therefore you have no choice but bring them up properly to the best of your ability, so that they will become good and responsible citizens. The other reason why you should bring them up properly is that if you do not, they will become a menace to you and your children in the future. 
How to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Your Adolescent Son

How to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Your Adolescent Son

How to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Your Adolescent Son

Adolescent is the period between 13 to 19 years.  It can also be considered as a transitional period from childhood to Adulthood.  It is a period of physical and psychological development from puberty to maturity.  During this period, male children seem to be a bit difficult to deal with as a result of which many parents loose interest in them and ultimately loose intimate relationship with their sons.

Ways of Protecting Your Girl Child From Sexual Harassments

Drawing by: Paul Onwumere
The unfolding recent events of sexual harassment, rape, forced marriages, increased divorce cases and other challenges and intimidation that are being meted to the girl child have shown that girls suffer tremendously in the hands of their male counterpart.  

These unfortunate things that happen to them do in some cases led to their death and therefore calls for urgent attention for every stakeholder of this young ones.

How To Gain Your Children's Respect

How To Gain Your Children's Respect

Having an ideal and respectable family has its roots on the kind of life being led by the individuals that made up that family.  When you happen to come in contact with some families, you will wish to belong to them, at the same time some family’s set up will scare your life out and this can make someone not to think of having a family so as not to suffer the same fate.

Having a family is a good thing and when handled well, brings enjoyment and fulfillment. Many parents especially those that have young adults as children are always faced with the problem of their children not giving due respect to them, not adhering to instructions and not even taking their advice.
Here are some amazing things to do when you find yourself in this situation and if your children are still toddlers you are to begin to adopt these life styles in order to avoid being embarrassed by your children:

Habits That Bond Family Together

The key to a happy family is staying together in love.  Below are some few ingredients that can keep the family together.

Praying and Singing Together: 

It is always said that a family that prays   together stays together.  Making music and singing it together is a great way to bond as a family.  Catch fun by dancing around the house with your children, you can even use the music to motivate them to do some chores and they will gladly obey.