How to Make Unripe Plantain Porridge No One Can Resist

Diabetes is no longer strictly genetically contracted; it is now commonly gotten when you continue to eat unwholesome and unhealthy foods and drinks. 

It will therefore do you a lot of good if you start implementing healthy recipes in your home right on time. Unripe plantain ranks high in this group of food.

Unripe plantain has many benefits and has been confirmed to be one of the most nutritious and suitable foods for the Diabetics, perfect for those seeking good health and  those who wants to loose weight.  

Ironically people seem to run away from this beautiful food because it often comes out tasteless and boring if it is not cooked properly.

In this post I am going to teach you how you can make unripe plantain porridge irresistible even to your kids.  Read on

Ingredients:   For a family of 6.

Unripe Plantain: 6 to 8 piece.
Vegetable: if you are in Nigeria, use Pumpkin leave (Ugu) together with Scent leaves (nchu anwu or efiri). If you are overseas, and could not have access to Ugu and Scent Leave, use spinach or any other vegetable available to you.                                                                              
Dry fish:  Dried cat fish gives it a good taste.  Smoked Titus fish is also      very good. You can use meat, chicken etc but I prefer fish to keep it healthy.                  
Crayfish: Grinned
Curry:  a little quantity
Fresh pepper:    as desired.
Fresh Tomatoes:  5 pieces of Jos Tomato grinned with the fresh pepper.
Onions: one big ball or 2 smaller ones
Vegetable oil:   1 cooking spoon (NB.  Use only healthy vegetable oil like grand oil, power oil – those without cholesterol.
Salt: I do not use salt but if you need to, use a pint.
Spices: one or two cubes of magi or other cubes is enough.

Wash the leaves and cut them.  Wash the plantain, open it and cut into pieces, the size of a Lido dice. Wash your fish thoroughly; blend your tomatoes and pepper.  Slice the onions and grind the crayfish, then keep them aside.

Pour the grinned tomatoes and pepper in a pot and place it on the fire. Leave to boil for 2 minutes, add the vegetable oil, leave for another 2 minutes and then add a little quantity of water and the fish, cover the pot to boil.

When it has boiled for about 3 minutes, add the diced unripe plantain.  Please note that unripe plantain does not take too long to cook, so immediately add the sliced onions and the grinned crayfish.  Allow to boil for another 3 minutes then add your vegetables (Ugu and Efiri) and your spices.  You will then leave it on the fire for about 3 minutes; stir it properly to make the ingredients go round.

Bring it down and serve your delicious, aromatic unripe plantain.

Trust me it's worth the trouble of making it.  

Do not forget to come back here to tell us your experience.