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What Can the Church Do To Redeem the Time?

At a Time like This Can the Church Help?

It is no longer news that we are faced with hard times.  A situation where individuals provide for themselves social amenities that is to be constitutionally provided by the Government even at a reduced rate to help its citizens is beyond imagination. 

Everyone is responsible for himself, every man on his own and if you are not strong and equipped enough, oh my God…………………!!!  Your name will be sorry.
This is not funny at all and it is not just in Nigeria but around most of the countries of the world, people are struggling to survive. 

Some of these challenges are partly due to technology replacing human labor with machines. Some of it is due to social and political breakdowns, warfare, violence, and corruption. Some of it is due to terrorism and natural disasters. Some are due to lack of a good work ethic, motivation, honesty, diligence, responsibility, and so on.

In the face of all these particularly in my country Nigeria, majority of the people seem to find solace in the churches.  Many people like me have the belief that solution to these world problem will definitely come from the church.  

While I believe in miracles, there no doubt that faith without work is dead. Churches need to develop and organize entrepreneurship programmes to equip their members and also promote economic growth, development and reduce the social vices in our countries.

The absence of jobs and work is a huge factor in poverty of course. People need work to eat and find shelter and basic necessities. But unemployment or joblessness brings with it a loss of human dignity and a squandering of gifts and abilities God grants to each of us. We need jobs to be able to survive and provide for our families the basic needs.

The various ways in which the church can assist their congregation in entrepreneurship programme includes:
Capacity building programme,
Skill Acquisition Programme,
Giving Soft Loan,

Capacity building programme:
Building capacity involves skills transfer, training, human resource management, organizational development, and the strengthening of communities and social networks. There is a need for the church to organize capacity building programme so that their members can gain more skills, knowledge and values which will help them to be more productive to themselves and the society at large.
Skill Acquisition:
This can be in form of organizing training programmes in soap making, bead making, catering, photography, cosmetics and make-up, tailoring, hairdressing, shoe and bag making e.t.c.
The skills gained through this programme will enable them start their own business and also generate revenue thereby reducing unemployment in the society and also creating employment for other jobless members.
Giving Soft Loans:
Churches by granting soft loans to their members who have financial challenges will motivate their members to start and expand their business rather than killing their ideas due to lack of finance.
There are some training that can be embarked upon which will add value to their members. Most members are willing to participate in the training but they lack the money to pay to acquire this training. Churches can encourage their members by giving them scholarships to acquire this training.
People who have experienced in the business are connected with the young entrepreneur to assist them with the necessary advice they need to succeed.

Churches can organize seminars to equip members with the necessary information they needed to succeed in their business.

These I believe will give a member a sense of belonging, fulfillment and the ability to overcome.

7 Habits That Can Make You Rich

Have you ever wondered why some people work so hard but still remain poor while some others who don’t struggle that much grows richer?  The difference is the Approach and Attitude.  Making wealth is more or less a skill and it is mostly done in the Head, it is also not reserved for the “privileged” but can be learned by everyone.

The following actions can help you achieve much in a little space of time.

Discover Your Challenges and Anticipated Solutions

No one can tell more about you than yourself.  You know your limitations – those things that don’t allow you to move forward.  Write all of them down and search for their possible solutions. 

For example, if your problem is ‘procrastination’, ask people who had overcome this challenge how they did it and apply it to your case.

The idea is to move you from thinking and nursing problems to solving problems.  

To make headway in life, you must be a problem solver.

Do the Things You Have Not Done Before

Set the ball rolling for yourself because no one is ready to discover you in the crowd if you did not distinguish yourself.  Run ahead of your folks.

There is nothing wrong in approaching those you think will help you achieve your ambition.  Make that bold step of asking for referral from those in authority if you know any.  Ask for a raise from your employer if you know you merited it.  Start doing things in an extra-ordinary way. 

Stop settling for ‘what is available’ and start thinking big.  Dream big dreams and act as if it is real. 

Change your approach of doing things that did not work and you will see great results.

Read, Listen, Watch and Invest in Motivational Materials

Make out time to read motivational books, watch podcasts and videos of individuals who had made it through thick and thin.   Listen to good motivational speakers and attend business seminars, you will be put on your toes even if you are the dumbest person on earth. 

Look out for such books as Rules that help. Educate yourself constantly on how making money works.

Join Elite Clubs  

It could be a Church, Business Club, Sports Club or Non Governmental Organizations, the idea is to mingle with rich people.  When you expose yourself to people who are better off and more exposed than you, it is likely going to expand your thinking, give you the connections that will catapult your income.

Read Life Histories of Successful and Rich People

Avail yourself with copies of biographies of those who have worked hard to make their wealth.  Read about Warren Buffett, Steve Job even our own Dangote etc.  When you read how these people made it from nothing to their enviable levels, you will be motivated.

The idea is to identify a role model who you can emulate.

Create More Than One Stream of Income

Look for ways of creating more than one income opportunity. There are different ways of achieving this like: investing in shares or properties, writing books, teaching on part time bases, blogging, internet marketing etc. 

Sticking to one stream of income will only help you pay your bills and no one actually gets rich with such income.

Don’t be rigid and stay-put with one income job.  Engage in other side jobs that will enable you earn extra money you will use for investment.

Don’t Jealous or Hate Rich People

This one is the list of them all but very powerful and effective because it got to do with your inner man.

When you see beautiful things that you like even if it is owned by your next door neighbor, appreciate it and congratulate the owner.  Instead of being jealous and resentful, find a way to know how the owner was able to acquire it and apply that same method.

The idea is that if you appreciate good things and bless those who own them, you will attract good things to yourself. 

How to Earn Extra Income While Keeping Your Paid Job

Recently, I published a post “Home Business You Can Do”.  In that post, I introduced Team180 a unique type of multi level marketing business Club where you can make extra Income with or without selling any product.  Many People have been calling to ask how they can be a member of this club and to answer this question, I have decided to send this post your way.  

Your Business Support Services in the Neighborhood

Let me introduce to you Rayiana Enterprises, a Business Support Service Company that renders Secretarial and Administrative services to individuals, small and medium scale organizations. 

Rayiana Enterprises provides a wide range of services such as:

§  Secretarial Services: –  computer word processing, dictation and transcription, photocopying, graphic designing, document scanning, lamination, document binding, ID cards production, two minutes passport, project typing, office material supplies. etc

§  Book Production & Management: - typing, editing & proofreading, design and production, web publishing, marketing and promotional planning as well as sales.

§  Agency Services:  on-line examination registration and sell of exam scratch cards, job recruitment, job referrals and companies representative.

§  Internet Services: – emailing, web designing, web hosting and web maintenance.

We proud ourselves with the best hands we have to handle your job in an efficient and professional manner it deserves.

Give us a trial today and see how convinced you will be.

Call – 2348023224949.  We will pick your job anywhere in Lagos and deliver to you as swiftly as possible. You can also drop your job in our email: to deliver them online.

In addition visit our office at No. 9 Ondo Street beside Mobil Filing Station by Herbert Macaulay Street, Ebute Metta East, Lagos Nigeria.

For more information on our services contact us here

Hurry now and enjoy the assistance your business needs at the best pocket friendly price you can get.

See What Smart People Do To Sell Themselves to the World

If you own a small business or have the ambition to be an Entrepreneur one day, you need to position yourself in a manner that will affect your business positively.  This is because as the sole owner of your business, you are responsible for the success or failure of the business and you bear the consequences alone.

Recently, I got in contact with this info graphic designed by a friend Enstine Muki, one of the best and most helpful blogger in the internet today and decided to share it with you and I know it will help you in the quest of your aspirations.

This is what this info graphic is all about:

You Need a Platform

There are different platforms you can use to express yourself and enhance your personality but the most common is to set up a blog where you can express yourself and make your intentions known to the world.

Be Specialized

Be specific in the roles you play or what you offer to the people, be an expert in what you want to present to your readers.  Do not be ‘jack of all trades and master of none’.  This is because you need to convince your audience that you are capable and trustworthy so they can have confidence in your products or services.

Be Positively Active On the Social Media

The social media especially the Face Book and Twitter are one of the largest communities where people interact and share information as well as discuss relevant issues.

Unfortunately, most people do not always take advantage of the real purpose of social media but use it to do things that place their credibility in doubt.

Smart individuals utilize these media platforms to promote their brands and market their goods and services to huge community of the users.

The gains of being positive in the Social Media are:

1.     You will easily create your brand awareness to a very large community.
2.     It will facilitate face to face interaction with your intended customers
3.     It is fast and cheap
4.     It also has a long term benefit as your contacts stays for a very long period.

Be Helpful

For a start, offer free but quality information to your audience. Most of those searching the internet are looking for solution to their problems; make it easy for them by offering those links to get the desired help.

Money should not be your priority at this period but how to build good personal relationship with your readers having it at the back of your mind that you are building up your future customers.  You will notice that when they are convinced of your capability of meeting their demands, they will surely ask for more.

Take Action

Do not be afraid to approach new clients, take up new positions or seek new opportunities.  Whatever you need to help you in your business take action and don’t wait for manner to come from heaven.

I know you have learnt one or two things from this short write up.  Please do not forget to share with others especially those seeking for new opportunities.

Home Business You Can Do


Team One80 is a Business Club set up to offer boundless opportunities to all who need additional income for guaranteed economic prosperity.  It was formed by a team of core professionals who came together in order to assist the average Nigerian and in fact, Africa in general to create wealth while in the comfort of their homes, offices or business places.

Habits to Avoid When growing Your Small Business

Many Small Scale Business owners have not been able to grow their businesses beyond where they started.  After operating for many years, these businesses have continued to behave like startups, the owners struggle to make ends meet and most of them battle with heavy debts.

All the while, I have taken the time to study some businesses and their owners around me to find out why they remain the same year in year out.  The result is eye opening.  I am sure you will gain something that will help you in your own business.  Okay! Let’s go.

They Spend the Money Before it Comes

One of them, a Caterer usually win big jobs but has not moved a step from where she started 5 years ago.  I have carefully monitored why she ends up broke each time she completes a job and found out that she spends the project money before doing the job.

As soon as she gets an advance payment for a job, she will first of all hit the market; buy things she has been longing for without taking into consideration how much it will cost her to complete the job.  She will then be left with little or nothing to execute the job; she will resort to getting the items to be used on credit.  This means that she will get the items costlier than it would have been paying cash.

It also means that she will not be able to get all she needed to deliver a satisfactory job to her customer.  What happens is that the not satisfied customer never comes back again.

To run your business well and make profit, you need to give quality and satisfactory services to your customers by giving them what they want.  You must never count your chickens before they are hatched.  For continuity, take care of your business needs first before pleasure.

They Underestimate Jobs

This Caterer has no permanent customer.  This is because her dealings with them never ended without a fight.  In desperate moves to win a job, she will undervalue the job only to come back to ask for adjustment.  When this is refused as it must, she will only deliver a bad job. This is not good for any business and can kill it permanently.

Before you give an estimate for a job to a customer, make thorough enquiry on the current market prices of all the items you will need, add a little mark-up to cover for any time that could be wasted before the job is finally gotten and then a reasonable percentage as profit.  If you cannot do this calculation well, get someone who can do it for you to avoid going back and front with your customers.  

They Engage in Wasteful Spending

I discovered that these business owners especially the female ones always engage in activities that drain up their business capital before they know it.  An example of such activities is Partying.  This requires them to buy Cloths (Aso Ebi) jewelries, shoes and bags every other week.

In a bid to meet up or be the best among others, some of them use their business capital to sponsor this frivolity. 

Please note that there are rules and procedures to follow if you want to survive in any business notwithstanding how small it may be; you must separate yourself from the business.  To achieve this, maintain a proper accounting system, place yourself on a salary.  Do not deep your hands into your business capital to sponsor any project that will not bring profit to the business.

They Have No Plan for Growth

Ninety Five percent of those I studied seem to have no plan for expansion or growth.  This is because they run their businesses without business plan, no accounting system, no mission or objective.

As the money comes in, it is spent in that same manner.  They don’t do any kind of investment whatsoever.  Those who have access to borrow money from Microfinance Banks do so with reckless abandon and weigh down their businesses with heavy interests and unfavorable payment plans.   

Set high goals for your business and aim to the sky.  Many of the multinational businesses started as little as yours. There is nothing wrong in growing a small business to an enviable level.

Read also tips to run a successful personal business

Well let me stop here.  If this post made any sense to you, do not hesitate to let me know in the comment box below.

Tips to Run a Successful Personal Business

The current world economic meltdown resulting to the high level of Unemployment and or under-employment that is ravaging so many countries of the world including Nigeria is forcing many people to crave for personal businesses. The need to be self employed is on the rise.  There are also calls from different quarters; even those at the helm of government are creating platforms to enable the younger generation embrace self sustenance.

But before you go into self employment, hear this; while it may sound easy to own a business, turning it into a worthwhile and successful venture is a different story.  It is no longer a new story that eight out of every 10 businesses established in a period of time fail within 18 months of existence.  A research by Basil in 2005 specified that most SMEs in Nigeria die within their first 5 year of existence due to lack of proper foundation.  It is therefore pertinent to note that when proactive steps are not taken to adequately protect a new business, it is liable to die. I am sure no one would like to invest hard earned money in a business that will die within a short period of time.

After making observations and follow up on some Sole Proprietors, I have found out that the following factors are responsible for the collapse of many small businesses:

Lack of Proper Financial Structure

Most small business owners in Nigeria do not separate their personal expenses from that of the company’s.  Because they are the owner of the business, they always dip their hands in the company’s purse each time they need to make an expense without taking into consideration the level of profit they had made. 

They will spend that little profit and dip their hands into the capital of the business, hoping they will get-around-it.  This practice is very destructive to any business. 
For you to grow your business to a profitable level, you must run it as a different entity. Separate your purse from the company’s purse.  Experts say you should pay yourself salary as if you are an employee of the business and ensure that it is a salary that the business can afford.   If there is any need for extra expenses, you can borrow from the company but ensure you sincerely pay back when you get your salary.  Do not be in a hurry to eat your profit, reserve it for a period of time when it will be enough for more investment and or growth.

Most small scale business owners do not have proper record of their income and expenses.  This makes it impossible to determine the cash flow of the business; it gives a wrong position of a business at every point in time. It also gives room for stealing.
You need to keep the record of every penny that goes in and out of your business by keeping a simple cash book. 

Borrowing money to increase your stock is only good to your business when you get the funds at the right places.  Borrowing money from banks and microfinance banks may not be profitable to your business because of their high interest rates and short term period of repayment.  Instead of borrowing money that could ruin your business opt for other alternatives like:

Buy Goods on Credit - Seek for manufacturers or distributors that can give you goods on credit to pay within a specified period.  When you get one, try as much as possible to be honest with your dealings.

Look for Investors - Search for people, even members of your family who can invest their money in your business on profit sharing bases.
 As you follow these financial structures over a period of time, let’s say 1 year, you will be at a better position to know if the company is making profit or not. You will also be able to know whether to expand the business or continue to grow the existing one to avoid financial loss.

Diversion of Business Funds

Business is a risk they say but some business risks are not worth taking.   Before you divert your business funds into another business opportunity, make sure it is something that will yield more funds.   Many business owners often lose their business capital to Fraudsters which eventually leads to collapse of their businesses.   Do not jeopardize the future of your company because of the quest to make quick money, study the opportunity and ask questions before venturing into any investment.

Unnecessary Expansion

It is observed that as soon as new business owners’ break-even, the next action will be to open a new branch without laying a strong foundation for the existing business.
Many Banks in Nigeria died as a result of this uncontrollable opening of branches.  Huge amounts of money were spent to purchase properties, install expensive banking gadgets, employ staff and at the end of the day, the branch will not be able to generate the desired income to run such branches. 

As a new business owner, your priority should be on how to grow your existing business.  Do not use the funds you will need to grow your business to open branches that will not yield good results.  When those branches are opened a manager will eventually be employed because you cannot be at the two places at the same time, these managers will end up helping themselves to the detriment of the business.
It is better to own one well structured and profitable business than to have 10 shaky businesses.

I hope these factors are more than enough to help you start your business, but if you feel different on any of these factors, please let me know by dropping your view in the comment box.

Official Presentation of My Books

 Readers are leaders, when you stop reading you start dying. Juliana Onwumere is putting in your hands two (2) powerful books that will enhance your quest for all-round success in life.



2. RULES THAT HELP    in the journey to succeed

This is to officially present these two books to you.  

After thinking through all my troubles, temptations and failures.  I decided to look for solution to failures in life.  I therefore devised some rules that can aid success which I consequently put together and it formed the book “Rules that help”.

Also seeing the high rate of moral decadence and lack of good family values and norms that is ravaging our society, which is also the root of the woes we are facing in Nigeria today, I have this conviction that it starts from unsettled and broken homes where the offspring are left to their fate.  The book “Build an Enduring Marriage” is my contribution towards educating the women on how to take care of their families to avoid broken homes.

I may not be very perfect in these works, but I want to assure you that anyone who picks a copy of these books today will be happy he or she did. They are well thought of and carefully packaged to encourage those who think they are disadvantaged to have a rethink.

Why you must have these books!

1.      You have young people that you know will desperately need these books.
2.      You want to be part of this great work of inculcating good morals on our young ones.
3.      You want to at least have your own personal copy or add it to your Library.
4.      You want to encourage me the author for the work I am doing.
5.      You believe that self reliance of the young people will guarantee brighter future.
6.   You want to change our world for the better.

How to Achieve Your Set Goals

At the end of each year, people will always lament over their unmet set goals and objectives.  Resolutions that are made at the beginning of the year and goals set are never achieved.  As this happens, we tend to believe that someone somewhere is behind the failure.   But we fail to realize that we ourselves have the power and ability of playing the major part in achieving our set goals and objectives.  When you hear “your destiny is in your hands” what does it mean to you?  I have the understanding that we are the determinant of our destinies.  How we channel our lives is how it is going to be.  With this knowledge, what do you want for yourself?

I have pursued one goal for the past 3 years without achieving it.   Recently, I have discovered some of the areas that are responsible for this failure and need to share it with others who are probably in the same shoe with me.  The areas are enumerated below as follows:

1. Leave the Comfort Zone:  You may have possibly been obsessed with one particular thing that makes you neglect other areas, you focus on it as if your life depends on it and leave other things that would have enabled you accomplish your set goals.  In my own case, I love being around my house each day I close from work.  I have to make sure everything falls in line because I have the intention that no one can do it better than me. 

This action of mine has made me lose chances of business follow-ups, appointments, church programs etc.  While it is good for a mother to take care of her home, it is very harmful if it makes you not able to balance your responsibilities. I don’t know your own hindrance but the bottom line is that we need to break away from things that tend to entangle us and incidentally hinder us from achieving our set goals.   

2. Follow Initiatives With Action:  You may have tons of wonderful ideas in your head but when it is not followed by immediate actions, those ideas are as good as dead.  My set goal is being hindered by financial challenges; fortunately I spoke with someone who gave me the idea of involving other people by appealing to them for help.  I prepared appeal letters but for the past two years, I have not been able to send these letters to the people until recently.  To my amazement, these letters are yielding positive results.  You do not have to wait for two years like me to take actions on your set goals; you need to start right away.

3. Set a Time - Frame: Every action you take in life must have a direction or a time table.  You must have a targeted time when you intend to achieve the goal.  Setting a goal and pursuing it aimlessly is like chasing the air.  Set a time-frame for the goal: for next week, in three months, in one year etc… 

Putting an end point on your goal gives you a clear target to work towards. If you don’t set a time, the commitment will be very unclear.  It tends not to happen because you feel you can start at any time.  Without a time limit, there’s no urgency to start taking action. To help you achieve your set goal, set a time frame and work towards your targeted time.

3 Powerful Ways to Empower a Woman

In the past, girls were not given equal opportunities as the boys especially in the area of education, skill acquisition, freedom to information and self expression.  They were not considered able enough to have these rights.  They were regarded as part of men’s inheritance and properties and were expected to treat the men with reverence.   

The only thing a parent deems good for the girl is to give her out in marriage as early as possible and probably use the bride price to educate the boys.  This is because there was this mindset that women education is not profitable, she will be married out and her husband will be the only one to gain after all.  The boy will always remain in the house, bring in a wife, give birth to children and continue the family lineage when the father is no more.  All these and more gave rise to the belief that boys are superior to girls and as a result, a woman who did not give birth to male children is barely recognized as wife in the home.  The tendency is for people to go to any length and do all manner of things to have a boy child.

As time went on, the realization came that educating and empowering a girl is a gateway to Nation’s building and poverty alleviation.  A saying goes that “when you educate a man, you have educated an individual, but when you educate a woman, you have educated a nation.  Do you know why?  Everyone is a product of a woman – they are the ones close to the children, what they put in the children is what the children will bring out.  A President, Governor, Legislator, business executive etc., who does well in his career is as a result of his upbringing and the mother’s teachings.

You may want to know how a girl can be empowered.


Unfortunately, it was recently observed during a workshop tagged “women empowerment for Nation building” that women are still very much behind in education and this has been the root of the moral decadence and poverty that is ravaging a good number of the nations of the world, hence the need to sensitize on the profits of women empowerment through education.  When a girl is educationally empowered, she will make a better daughter, sister, wife, mother, manager and even a leader.  

I have come to the realization that the limitations women have in; child's training, maintaining and managing the home etc is as a result of being uneducated.  It is what you have that you can give; educationally empowered women will definitely nurture and bring out hand full of good and intelligent children.  Also, when a woman is educated, she has acquired an entry point to other opportunities; she has the key to help herself attain any level of her choice and has the tendency of affecting positively the lives of others around her more than her male counterpart. To make our world better, every girl must have the right to education. 

Skill Acquisition

Apart from being educated, another great way to empower a woman is by skill acquisition.  This goes with creativity, working with her hands to create things that will eventually turn to cash.  Having her own income is not only good for her; it is also good for her family.  It will also enable her take care of her needs, contribute to her family upkeep and have a say in the family.  Uneducated and unskilled woman is a weak and vulnerable woman.  Skill acquisition can be in the area of the following:  Dress making, bead making, catering, computer literacy, mechanic, electrician, driving etc. 

Freedom to Information 

Not having the right information has led to the death of a great number of women.  Let us consider the area of health; many women die during child birth as a result of either not having the earlier information that they will not be able to give birth to the child normally because they did not attend the ante natal program or not able to pay for CS or other means of getting a baby out.  

If only they have the information on how to get cheaper medical attention like the Health Insurance Scheme, they wouldn’t have died.  There are other injustices done to women but because they do not have the right information about it, they continue to suffer i.e., in some parts of Nigeria, women are denied the right to inherit properties from their parents.  Women are not allowed to participate in family discussions, attend certain ceremonies; they are often held responsible for the death of their husbands and consequently subjected to several kinds of inhuman treatment etc.  All these wrongs are as a result of not having the right information.

I hope this helps.  I will continue with other ways of empowering a woman.

How to Enhance Your Personality

Have you been struggling with any or some of these terrible habits: Heavy Drinking, Smoking, Lying, stealing, watching unwholesome sites, womanizing, prostitution, backbiting, quarreling  borrowing, laziness, etc, and as much as you try to drop it, the more you find yourself getting deeper into it.  Some habits are so strong that certain measures must be taken before they can go away.  Below are some of the measures you can take to enable you drop a bad habit as quickly as possible:

You Have To Make Up Your Mind To Stop – Let us use smoking as a case study.  The day you started smoking, you decided on your own without anyone putting a gun to your neck.  It will also be ethical you and you alone make the decision to stop.   The truth remains that you are the only one that knows yourself very well, and who can tell yourself the truth and have the sole power to make things work in your life and there is nothing permanent in this life except change.  People may counsel you as much as they could; it is only when you agree with them that the counseling will work.  So you have the key to take control of your life than anyone else.

Marten, a University undergraduate who was 19 when he took to smoking as a result of peer pressure, narrated how he was able to drop this bad habit.  At first he hid it away from his parents but later they were able to find out through Marten’s friend.  All efforts made by his parents to make him stop were fruitless until one New Year eve.  Every member of his family went for a vigil service but he lied of having a stomach ache and was left alone in the house.  He locked himself in his room smoking.  Suddenly according to him, realized that he was the only one in the house and at the same time doing what everyone was against - smoking.  He became sober and made that great decision to stop smoking.   

Avoid Every Avenue of Temptation – It is difficult to make a decision but it is more difficult to keep such decision especially when it has to do with habits that have already been formed.  In order to carry out your decision, you need to break every link to that bad habit.   Everything that will make you go back to that bad habit must be avoided.
Marten said, he immediately ran out of the house, threw away the remaining packets of cigarette in his room, the ash tray and the lighters.  He even broke up with his friends who smoke.