How to Earn Extra Income While Keeping Your Paid Job

Recently, I published a post “Home Business You Can Do”.  In that post, I introduced Team180 a unique type of multi level marketing business Club where you can make extra Income with or without selling any product.  Many People have been calling to ask how they can be a member of this club and to answer this question, I have decided to send this post your way.  

But before I start, I need to remind you the objectives of Team 180.

1.     To assist the average Nigerian in creating more than one stream of income.
2.     To take the stress of raising a startup capital off your shoulders.
3.     To encourage young, old and forward looking Nigerians to start their own businesses while they keep their regular jobs.
4.     To improve the quality/living standard of every member.
5.     To contribute to the nation building through job creation and entrepreneurship.

Now back to the business of the day – How to Register

To be a member, you are to register with the sum of N15,000 paid into the One180 Limited Zenith Bank Account No.1014187444.  After payment log into their Website and fill the registration form.  Do not forget to add my name Juliana Onwumere and this code 8812 in the sponsor’s section.  This code is to trace your account and where you will draw your earnings.  Please remember to give me a call on 2348023224949 to be connected to our group to make it easy for you.

After filling the form, print it out and attach your deposit slip, take it to their office at 1 Bashiru Street, beside MTN connect Office and GTBank, off Ogunnisi Road, Ojodu Berger, Lagos and they will give you 20 of their products.  OR better still, after payment send a copy of your registration and deposit slip to, I can do the registration for you, collect and deliver the products to you free of charge.  You can contact me Here

These products are Wellnet Body Wash and Wellsure Supplement.  In my next post, I will explain the benefits of these two complete Health care Products.  You are to use these products for yourself if you wish or sell it to people.  Each one is sold at the rate of N1, 050.  To tell you the fact, I sold 15 pieces of mine.

The Business Side

In team180 business club, there is no loss; you will notice that you will recoup your money if you decide to sell the products and this is not the main business of Team180.

Upon registration, you are required to introduce 3 people to the club.  If these three people register under you, you will earn your first commission of N20, 100.  If these three people gets their own members, you as their sponsor will continue to earn bonuses from each member that is introduced in your down line and this will continue up to the 9th level where you will earn a total of N1,782,365 plus an IPAD and become a shareholder in the club.

There is also the investment opportunity in this business.  If you invest a minimum of N250,000 you will earn a 100% interest after 6 months i.e. N500,000.  You have the liberty of taking your money and the interest at the expiration of 6 months or reinvesting the money, the choice is yours.  The reason why the interest is this high is because the money is invested in the production of the products I mentioned above and the profits are shared to the investors.

I am bold enough to introduce this business to you because I am an eye witness to the many success stories of members and I am also involved.  Give it a trial and you will be the one to tell the next story.

There is no barrier to being a member of this club; there is no age or sex barrier, no time barrier as your up-liner can do all that is needed for you if you wish.  The only barrier is if you are lazy or a doubting Thomas.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity now while it is still available.