Delicious Stews You Can Make Without Fresh Tomatoes

Are we going to stop eating our staples because there are no fresh tomatoes in the market to make the stew?
When everything is working against man, he needs to device a means of survival.  Four pieces of Tomatoes is now sold for five hundred Naira and my question is how much tomatoes can make a pot of stew enough for a family of six.  How many families in Nigeria can afford this new trend of feeding the family?  The answer will get you scared and I don’t intend to give any figure.  

What I intend to do is to share a little experience on how you can make tasty and delicious stew without using the so called fresh tomatoes. 

My husband hosted a club meeting recently and I decided to put my experiment into action and the result was amazing.  Since we are to entertain them with rice and there are no fresh tomatoes and the available one is out of my budget, I have to use my experience and this is how I did it.

I used carrots (carrots are available now in the market, so use enough quantity about N300 because this determines the quantity of the stew), green peas ( any quantity is okay), green pepper, spring Onions, Cameroon pepper, Onions, ginger, curry and 2 sachets of Tomato puree.

I used chicken and fish (These did not increase so much, they are still within the normal price).

How to Make the Stew

After per-boiling your chicken to get the stock (The stock is the only water you will use, so make sure you have enough)

Start by heating the oil for a minute; add the sliced onions and the sachets of tomato puree.  Fry for about 2-3 minutes.  Do not over-fry, add the ginger and curry (frying the ginger a little bit brings out the aroma of the ginger) and finally add the chicken stock and the fish and allow to cook for 3 minutes.

Add your sliced carrot, green peas, green pepper, spring onions, Cameroon pepper one after the other.  These vegetables do not take much time so a minute is enough for them to be alright.  Add your cubes of magi and a little salt to taste.

The taste was wonderful as I got 5 stars from our guests.  It is also healthier and economical.
You too can try it.