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5 Reasons Why You Should Shop Online

On line shopping also known as electronic shopping is the shopping and purchasing of goods through browsing the internet with the use of a computer; it is also called home shopping.   

The introduction of these shopping platforms Konga and Jumia has been very beneficial to online shoppers in Nigeria and the testimonies are there to verify.   

Below are some of the benefits you will get when you shop online:

Cheaper Prices

On line stores purchase goods in bulk from manufacturers and offer them to customers at cheap prices.  Majority of  online shops offer prices that are much lower than what you can get in physical shops.


This platform is a great relieve to office workers, business executives, nursing mothers and those who are seriously engaged in their daily activities.  It offers you the opportunity to get what you want without leaving your office or home.

Top 10 Most Peaceful and 10 Most Violent Countries of the World

If you are following most popular news agencies like the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), CNN even local Television Stations, you will discover that the world is becoming more and more violent.  Most countries of the world are engulfed by wars, terrorism, militancy and other violent activities.  This has indeed created a wide gap between peaceful and violent countries.

Airtel Nigeria Internet Data Plans

I got a gift of a smart phone from my husband last two weeks and since then I have been finding the Airtel Nigeria code to subscribe to an internet bundle so I can use it to do my work without success.

I have also asked few of my colleagues how I can subscribe but no one seems to know.

During my search, I was able to come up with this from the Airtel Website and I know some of you out there are also looking for something like this.   

Data Plans

PlanData  Allowance (Bonus Inclusive)Retail Price (N)Validity periodDirect Activation Code
Entry4MB501 day*141*11*9#
Daily10MB1001 day*410#
3-day25MB2003 days*412#
Weekly50MB3007 days*417#
Easy80 MB50014 days*418#
Lite260MB1,00030 days*420#
Midi400MB1,30030 days*421#
Smartphone11GB2,00030 days*423#
Smart phone 22GB3,00030 days*451#
Plus3.9GB5,00030 days*452#
Max7.6GB8,00030 days*460#
Premium13.3GB15,00030 days*462#
Prime19.9GB22,00030 days*463#
Day150MB50024 hours*141*12*5#
Night Time (Off  Peak)3.9GB2,50030 days*141*12*4#
Weekend_200200MB200midnight, same day*472#
Weekend_500500MB500midnight, same day*473#
Weekend_10001GB1,00030 days*474#
Weekend_30003GB3,00030 days*475#
Android 2.02GB2,00030 days*437#
Android 4.54.5GB3,50030 days*438#
WTFB Monthly80MB20030days*990#
WTFB Monthly30MB1007days*991#
Facebook Bundle (Unlimited)120MB30030days*688*3#
Facebook Bundle (Monthly)70MB20030days*688*2#
Facebook Bundle (Weekly)30MB1007days*688*1#
BBM Bundle (Unlimited)120MB30030days*440*16#
BBM Bundle (Monthly)80MB2007days*440*17#
BBM Bundle (Weekly)25MB1001day*440*18#
WhatsApp Bundle50MB10030days*948#
Opera Mini Bundle (Monthly)250MB30030days*885*1#
Opera Mini Bundle (Bi-Weekly)100MB20014days*885*2#
Opera Mini Bundle (Weekly)50MB1007days*885*3#
To Check Data Usage--*140#

For more and comprehensive detail visit Airtel website 

Nigeria Immigration Service Job

Another opportunity to be employed with the Federal Government is here again.

We all are aware of what happened during the last years recruitment, how it ended in fatality that claimed over 10 lives.  This ugly incident happened because of the wrong method of bringing a mammoth crowd together to jostle for employment form.

The Federal government having learnt their lesson from this terrible mistake has opened a portal for interested candidates to apply online. The portal was opened on February 2, 2015 and will close on March 30, 2015.

If you’re a Nigerian between the ages of 18 to 35 years without any form of disability, you are eligible to apply

For more details and application Click here

Wishing you all the best.

How to Stay Safe during This election

There is no doubt the 2015 elections has been shifted till March, even though the shifting was greeted with so much reactions from some quarters, it is going to afford us the opportunity to prepare ourselves for the exercise.  But you need to obtain your Permanent Voters Card in order to vote and have those you desire to be in authority.  Ok!

The following are some of the precautions we need to take:

There is an impending security exercise tagged “SHOW OF FORCE” by the government security agencies in the country to be carried out as part of the efforts to ensure maximum security before, during and after the forthcoming general elections.

As at February 10, 2015, the Nigeria Police Force and other relevant security agencies have been put on high alert and they are expected to conduct periodic and random searches on people, vehicles and various hotspots. Thus, you are therefore advised to cooperate with them during this period; do not abuse security agents, obstruct their work, or resist them unnecessarily to avoid unfortunate repercussions. We have been informed that the Show of Force exercise is also a “Shoot-at-Sight” order.

Children Being Trained by Boko Haram as Foot Soldiers

                                                        Children posing with the weapons
                                                             Aiming with the Guns

Newswatch has published two images which reveal where children are being trained by the Boko Haram Group
The images show the children dressed in dark clothing and their heads covered with emblems of the Boko Haram. In one photo, the children are aiming their guns while in another they are posing with the weapons.
The most worrisome part of it is that both young girls and boys are present in the photos, while some are holding AK47 assault rifles, others are holding cutouts of weapons.

Investigations revealed that Boko Haram uses child soldiers in order to boost its membership numbers.

How To Collect Your Permanent Voters Card

Do you know that you cannot vote or express your rite in this coming elections if you do not have your PVC.  For you to have the candidate of your choice, you must vote.

There is so much at stake in this election. The result will determine whether Nigeria continues to move forward under President Goodluck Jonathan or whether to make a change.

Remember you cannot sit at home and expect things to move forward.  Your vote is your power.

Every ballot will be critical.  In order to cast yours, you must have your permanent voter card (PVC).
You can pick up your PVC within your ward / registration area from 8:30am – 5:30pm any day of the week.  

Your vote is critical for keeping Nigeria moving forward. Do not wait -- collect your PVC as soon as possible and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

How to apply for Fed Govt "You-Win" Business Plan Competition

The GoodLuck Jonathan Led Federal Government introduced Youwin Business Plan Competition in 2011.  It is one of the Federal Government’s strategies to address unemployment among the youths especially between the ages of 18 – 45 years. 

The essence is to encourage youths with existing businesses or viable business ideas or innovations to establish businesses that can employ others.  Since the introduction of this laudable project, more than 3,600 youths have been given the non refundable grant of between N1m – N10m depending on the need of the business to establish or expand their businesses.

Unfortunately, a good number of people are not aware of what Youwin is all about.  This post is to generally answer the numerous questions being asked concerning youwin.  Because I have a good knowledge of what Youwin is all about having participated in the past, I am going to guide you on how to apply for the competition.

Step 1:  Go to "YouWin"

Step 2:  At the right hand side of the website, you will see “Apply Now”

Step3:  Click on the “Apply Now”, it will take you to where you will register.  Before you begin to register, remember to check if you are qualified to apply (i.e. You must be between 18-45 years of age, citizen of Nigeria, at least Post Secondary School Certificate holder and ready to establish the business here in Nigeria).

Step 4:  Fill in the Registration Form and submit.  Make sure you have an active email address.  This is because all the processes of Youwin Application are done on-line and it will be through your email.

Step 5:  Go to your mail box and check for the Password generated for you.  You will be using this password to open your account where you will answer the questions.

Step 6:  Go back to the website, click on the “login” button.  Enter your username, preferably your email address and the password you have gotten from your mail box to open your account.

Step 7:  Answer the questions and if you are satisfied with your answers, press the submit button and the Youwin Secretariat will notify you in due course if you are qualified for the training to enter the second stage which is the real competition.

If your business idea is good enough, you will be given the grant you have requested so that you can build a business that will employ some Nigerians to reduce unemployment.

If you are qualified why not give it a trial.  If you need more help do not hesitate to contact me.

To your success.