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Safety Tips for On-line Shopping

The policy of Cashless Economy has led to the trend of shopping without cash.  Bank Debit Card (ATM Card), POS and other online methods are some of the ways you can shop without carrying physical cash.

All these are good development but don’t forget that Scammers are also ready to dupe you as soon as they are in position of your personal information.
The following tips will definitely help you reduce the menace of these scammers: 

Discover Cleaning Fluids that will Remove Stains if Applied Immediately

Can you imagine how it feels to go out for a lunch from your work place only to get your cloth stained with soup or the pocket of your cloth being seriously messed up with your pen’s ink? OK  What about coming out from your mechanic’s workshop with grease and oil stains all over your cloth.  There are other stains like armpit stains, collar, wrist, charcoal, mud, coffee etc. that can really embarrass you.  Do not worry about them any more because I am going to show you some cleaning fluids that can get these stains off your cloth without damaging or discoloring the fabric.

Water:  The first thing to do immediately a stain occurs is to damp or wash the affected part with water.  Although water cannot remove the stain and may make the stain more noticeable, it will however not allow the stain to bond with your cloth.  If stains are allowed to bond, it will be difficult to remove and in some cases may stay permanently.  So, if you still have more time to stay away from home, continue to damp with water, do not allow the stain to dry on your cloth.

Lemon Juice or Vinegar:  These two are very effective against grass stains, coffee, tea and sticky substances like gum and glue.  Apply it directly on the stain, leave for some time and then wash with soap and rinse properly in water.

Salt Water:  It works well on blood stains, wine and armpit stains.  Soak the cloth in salt water before washing.
Glycerin:  This is used for general washing of fabrics because it draws stains out of the cloth.

Detergent:  For general laundry.  It is effective against minor stains like juice stain, chocolate smears and oil.

Bleaches:  There are two major types– chlorine and oxidize bleaches. I suggest they are used as last resort.  They are majorly used on white cloths and particularly cotton materials. They are effective and kills germs but harsh and can remove the original color of your cloth.  It is advised to test run it on an inner side of the cloth before using it. 

Enzymatic Cleaners:  These are non-toxic cleaning agents that are used not only on cloths but other items like rugs, foam etc.  It is the natural way of removing stains.

It is worthy of note that there are different types of materials, each material should be treated differently:

Wool materials are sensitive in nature and should be treated with care.  Bleaches and acidic solvents will only damage them. It requires only wool-safe detergent in lukewarm water and not hot water. Other non-white fabrics like silk, cotton and synthetic can be scrubbed but bleaching them will get them destroyed.  It is better to use enzymatic stain removal for natural cleaning.

Try them and you will not need to throw that expensive cloth away.