How to Manage Your Little Resources at Home

It is true that an average person may not have all the money needed to manage a home.  It is also true to say that not having enough resources is not a convincing reason why your family should suffer.   You must be able to manage what you have to achieve a good result.   Your priority should then remain how to maximise the available resources to your advantage.
You know how much you have or how much you are given each month or period to manage the home.  The steps to take are:

Planning &Budgeting You need to sit down and put together, what and what to purchase and how to pay for other things that will sustain you and your family within the period in view.  You also need to know how much it will cost you to get all these materials you will need putting into consideration the resources at your disposal.

Allocation of the Income – You will need to share the available cash into different segments of things you need so that you will not end up achieving some and leaving others behind and become affected in the long run.  It is good to get everything you need even in small quantities than not getting it all.

The following ideas will also help you cut cost.

Buy Things in Bulk - when you buy things in bulk, you will get some discounts; you will also avoid being cheated by retailers who will always tamper with the measurement or quantity of the product. 

Cook Your Meals in Large Quantity -   It is more advantageous to cook meals in large quantities and store them in your refrigerator than cooking a small quantity in the morning only to cook another small quantity of the same food next day. This is wasting of money.  If you want to cook a soup, make a type of soup you can use to eat variety of other foods in a reasonable quantity that can last for 4 to 5 days.  (Please do not store your food for a very long time so as to prevent it from turning into a health hazard).

Dish Food in Small Quantities –A lot of resources is wasted when you heap large quantity of food in plates for people without taking into consideration their consumption capacity.  It is better for people to ask for more instead of having left-over that will only end up in the waste bin.  To save cost, dish out food in small quantities.

Engage Your Children – Put a little price tag on your laundry, ironing, house cleaning, lawn cutting and other jobs you will normally outsource and watch your children or relatives jostle for it.    Try also to identify people around you who are willing to give you what you want for a token,   this way; you will save a lot of cost.
How to Manage Your Utilities

-      To cut cost on Electrical Bills, switch off all electrical appliances when not in use i.e. TV and Musical Sets, Electrical Cookers, ovens, Computers etc
        Cooking gases are to be used on urgent needs if not use alternative ways of cooking to save cost.
-          Do not allow wastage of water.

-     Pay your Utility Bills as at when due. Do not incur extra cost by letting them accumulate or pay      default charges.