Habits That Can Delay Or Stop Your Marriage Proposal


After a certain age, every single girl who has the intention of getting married will begin to look out for a suitor.  Unfortunately many who thought that beauty, academic qualifications, family background and status in the society will make this journey a safe sail for them has been greatly disappointed.

Every endeavor in life is guided by rules and regulations and marriage is not left out. Certain things if not done properly will make getting married a herculean task but if you want to have a smooth journey in your quest to getting married take these tips in consideration.

Transferring Your Needs and That of Your Family to Him

The dream of every girl is to have a well-to-do man who will take care of her and probably her family as a husband.  This is fine but then, choking a man who is not yet your husband with your responsibilities will definitely work against your relationship with him. 

He sees it as a clear signal that he is in for trouble and he will find a way of getting out.  Even though you need his help in your family, wait until you are married to him.

Do not allow your fiancĂ© regret why he even asked you out in the first place rather work hard on your own to show him that you are capable of taking care of your responsibilities and he will know that you do not love him because of his money. 

Cohabiting With Him

Some girls are so funny that they think they are smart.  They will stylishly leave their clothes and shoes in their fiancĂ©’s house.  Then they start spending weekends, days and weeks in the man’s house.  Before you know it they start cohabiting with a man who barely knows their families.

Let me ask you, if you are in that man’s shoes, will you struggle to buy something that is already delivered to you.  See! The man will know in his heart that you are desperate and will run as fast as his legs can carry him.

Make yourself a scarce commodity and let the man struggle to have you in his house.  Marriage is ordained by God and not won by the highest bidder.  If a man is your God’s chosen husband, he will definitely look out for you.

Cooking & Doing His Laundry

These duties are exclusively reserved for wives and children of a man but when you start acting like a wife when the man has not decided who will be his wife, you are not being fair to yourself.

You may be doing these things to impress a man, some will go as far as using their own money to cook for the man but from experience 98% of men view these acts as trap and will do all they can to avoid you.

If he needs to eat foods cooked by a woman in the house and his clothes cleaned and organized by a woman, let him marry you and bring you in, if not let him continue to eat out and do his laundry by himself.  Respect yourself and you will get the respect you deserve from him.

Sleeping With Him

This one has become a norm and way of life in our society.  We cannot “because sugar is sweet say it is good”, you may call me old fashioned, I don’t care.  Sleeping with a man who is not your husband is a sin against God and it is called FORNICATION and this type of sin hinders prayers.

You have been praying to God to give you a husband and you are busy sleeping around with men.  Do you think your prayer will be answered?  It will only take the grace of God for a man to marry a woman whom he has seen it all. 

Public Display of Affection

Holding hands, kissing, romancing and displaying pictures of a man who is not yet your husband in public is not good for you.  Why I am saying this is firstly, as you paint the town red with this man, other men who would have been interested in you will be disappointed and loose interest thinking you are already engaged. 

Secondly, if eventually the marriage did not work out, how will you convince these people who had seen you do these things that you are good enough for them?

So be careful!

If you want to marry a God’s chosen husband and at the right time, try as much as possible to be free from the above entanglements, Work hard to bring yourself to an enviable level and get closer to God.  Leave God to do the rest for you.

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