Lifestyles That Can Make You Fat

Do you know you can maintain a healthy weight throughout your life time?  Do you also know you can accomplish this without visiting a single Doctor?  Avoiding the following will help tremendously:

Sitting Too Long

Are you an office worker or a Writer who sits for too long in front of the computer? Are you addicted to movies and programs and sits for a very long time watching your television?  Are you the Boss or Madam of the house or the shop and surround yourself with errand boys and girls and then sits in a place dishing out instructions? 

If you are among these groups of people mentioned above, you are doing yourself a disservice because you will continue to gain weight.

Living a sedentary life is very dangerous to your health.  It causes all manners of sicknesses and obesity in particular; you are also prone to diabetes, kidney failure, hypertension and untimely death.

Even when your work requires you sit in a place, find a way of exercising your body frequently, when you sit for about 2 to 3 hours, stand up and move around, climb a staircase or jug round your office and then continue your work.  In this way you will keep your body active.

Skipping Meals

Over the years many weight loss practitioners recommend skipping of meal as pre-requisite to weight loss but this method has been overruled by experts in recent times.

Skipping meal slows down metabolism which boosts hunger.  When you skip a meal, let’s say your breakfast, you will end up eating double potion in your next meals which will definitely result in weight gain.

If you are accustomed to eating three square meals a day, do not disorganize your body by skipping any of your meals except you are on a religious fast but practice eating in small quantities.    

Not Practicing Portion Control

Achieving weight does not mean cutting off entire food group.  There is this general assumption that starch and fat are bad and everybody is running away from food that contains starch and fat.

You are to note that not every starch and fat is bad and our body still needs carbohydrate and fats to function well.  We are to look for those foods that contain good starch and fats to balance our diets.

We are to also know that even the healthiest food have calories; therefore if you eat them in large quantities, you will still gain weight.  The only way to work this out is to practice potion control.

A good portion control should follow this pattern:  Half of your plate to be filled with vegetables. The remaining half to be divided into 3 un-equalled parts – the largest part with protein, the smaller part with grains and smallest part with a bit fat and oil.

Eating Too Fast

Eating too fast leads to overeating and obesity.  When you eat too fast, experts say you will end up taking in too many calories than your body actually needs before your brain sends out signal of fullness.  Note that it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to notice that you are filled.

To achieve healthy weight, eat your meals slowly and pleasurably, chewing your food long enough before swallowing.  This will help you consume little quantity of food at a meal.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Water helps in carrying essential nutrients to the cells; it removes waste products like toxin from the body through urine and feces.  Water also helps in breaking down the food that we eat.  If you take at least 5 liters of water every day, it will help in shedding your fats especially around your belly.

Instead of taking carbonated drinks that adds more problems to your health, take water, even when you feel hungry and it is not the right time to eat, fill your stomach with water until you are ready to eat.