How to Make Egg Source without Frying It

The generally accepted method of making egg source is by frying. 

Even though this delicacy is very delicious and healthy to an extent, many people especially adults and those with health issues run away from it because of the frying that is involved.

In this post I am going to teach you how to make this healthy recipe without frying it.

Egg source unlike vegetable source is made from egg mixed with vegetables and fruits and it can be used to serve your staples like: noodles, bread, fried plantain, cooked unripe plantain, yam and even rice.

In Nigeria, those from the Middle Belt especially people from Benue State use it as a soup to savor their swallows.

Ingredients for 4 Servings:

·        Egg – 4 pieces
·        Tomatoes – 8 pieces
·        Fresh Pepper – 4 pieces
·        Onions – 1 bulb
·        Carrot, Green peas, Green Pepper, vegetables (optional)
·        Salt – a pint
·        Magi – 1 cube
·        Oil – 2 table spoons

To cook this recipe, just follow these simple steps:

Chop your Fresh Tomatoes, pepper, onions and other vegetables separately and keep them aside.

Set your pot or frying pan on fire and add about ¼ cup of water.  Allow to boil then add the two spoons of oil (those without cholesterol)

Add your chopped tomatoes, onions, pepper and other vegetable as desired.  Leave to boil for about 3 minutes.  Continue to stir to avoid it sticking to the pot.

Add the salt and one cube of magi to taste.

Beat the eggs with an egg mixer or with a fork or spoon and add it to the boiling source, allow it to cook for 2 minutes.

Mix everything with a spoon until you are satisfied with the texture you want.  Your delicious egg source is ready.

Serve with any staple of your choice.

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