Why You Should Constantly Acknowledge the Beauty and Capability in Your Daughter.

Have you ever been referred to as ‘Handsome’, ‘Dude’, ‘a Damsel’, ‘an Angel’ ‘Gorgeous’ and the likes?  Say the truth, how do you instantly feel during such periods? On top of the world, rejuvenated and ‘wanting to impress’ right? 

That is exactly how your daughter feels when you acknowledge her beauty and capabilities in words. Trust me she carries on in that spirit throughout her life.

Compliments have a very strong effect in the life of every individual.  Positive compliment affects positively while negative compliment affects negatively

While we were growing up, we were not so lucky to receive such accolades because our parents probably was ignorant of this simple personality booster, they rather focused on our perceived “inadequacies and shortcomings” and then built this ‘can’t do spirit’ in most women.

They subjected girls to second class citizens and made them believe this false notion that “women education ends in kitchen so therefore any money invested in her is a waste”.  This has been the main cause of the negative perception about women today.

Few great and popular women we have in the world today no doubt rose to such amiable heights because they refused to be cowed by this supposed “women syndrome”.  Or they had enlightened parents and loved ones who gave their words of encouragement. These empowering words gave them the strength to excel in what they are doing today.

Talking down on your daughter or taking advantage of her inadequacies and shortcomings will only kill her moral, bury her inspiration and hamper her progress.

If your daughter is beautiful, there is nothing morally wrong in telling her how pretty she is and how far she can go with her beauty.  If she sings well, cooks well, acknowledge that.  Educate her on etiquette and how a woman should carry herself. All these will not hurt, it will of course give her the lift she will need to move ahead in life.

Every girl needs support and encouragement.  Do not subject her to low esteem by your words and actions as she will customarily pass inferiority complex to her own daughters.

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