How to Get the Best Of Your Child’s Education

Enrolling your child in a school, providing him with books and even hiring private teachers for his assignments and then you hands-off your responsibility and stay away from home all day is not enough to bring out the best in your child.

Every child needs a good start in life and the parents have the responsibility of providing a fantastic platform on which the child could walk and succeed.  Your role as a parent is to create an enabling environment for your child.  This is done by showing interest and capability of taking care of his needs, making life easy and meaningful to him by making adequate provision for the essentials – food, shelter, clothing, books and little pocket monies for his cravings. 

Parents are role models to their children whether they know it or not.  Most of the child’s characters are developed from home and that includes educational inclinations. An educationally inclined parent will surely produce children who like education.

Every parent must make educating their child a priority in their homes, so that the menace of Area Boys, Miscreants, Bombers and Terrorists will drastically be reduced.
Playing your role in your child’s education starts immediately when the child is enrolled in school, you as the first teacher will take care of all his needs as the child will depend solely on you for his survival. 

You will help to do his home works, make sure his uniforms are clean and prepare his mind to be successful.  You will arrange for transporting him to and fro school every day, monitor his progress at school and be in charge of every other thing that will make him succeed in his education.

If you are not educated enough to teach your the child, you can take advantage of some of these online Homework Helper Platforms.

A bigger role comes after the child’s primary education.  This period is the decision making time and it determines whether the child will pursue education as a career or not.
With regards to this, I have always told parents not to start what they cannot finish when it comes to their children’s education.  Enroll your child in a school where you will not have to starve, borrow from every Dick and Harry, sell all your belongings and even steal in the name of paying a child’s school fees. 

Many Elites today like Governors, Senators even Presidents of countries attended public Schools and today they are what they are.  Most parents just want to measure up with other parents in the neighborhood whose children are in private schools without putting their capability into consideration.  You should not put your children’s future in jeopardy just because the next door neighbor’s children are in big schools.

Another reason why you should not do such a thing is because the child who you struggle in this way to educate may feel guilty, frustrated and uninterested in the whole thing and may want to help himself to avoid embarrassments and this will truncate his education. A child who hawk wares after school or do odd jobs to feed the family is not likely to go far in his education.

It is your child’s right to be educated and you need to play your own role to ensure that your child gets the education.