Top 10 Marriage Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Marriage

The Following are the most common marriage mistakes that can destroy your marriage:

1.           Lack of Respect – Don’t badmouth your spouse to your friends or associates, spouses need to be thanked.  They need to know they are appreciated.

2.           Not Listening to your Spouse – This includes allowing your mind to wander, paying more attention to your work or television set, ignoring body language and interpretation.

3.       Lack of Sexual Intimacy – This is a death knell for a marriage.  Seek medical counsel and therapeutically counseling if your sex life is weak.  Don’t leave your spouse wondering why you aren’t interested in sex.

4.           Always having to be right – This includes lecturing your mate, or having to have the last word.  Very few people can love a know-it-all forever.  Admit when you make mistake or that you don’t have all the answers.  Don’t answer every simple question with a long-winded dissertation on the topic.

5.           Not walking the Talk – Action do speak louder than words.  When you say you will do something, do it.  When you say you won’t do something, follow through.

6.              Hurtful Teasing – If your spouse says the teasing is hurtful, consider it a put down, or think that it is inappropriate, then stop it.  Claiming that your spouse doesn't have a sense of humour or is too sensitive is being inconsiderate and unkind.

7.           Dishonesty – Having lies and secretes in your relationship can create distance and lack of trust between the two of you.

8.           Being annoying – This includes continuing to have gross personal hygiene habits, or always being late, or nitpicking everything your spouse does, etc.  It is when you know you are annoying and you continue to annoy.

9.           Being Selfish or Greedy – This is when you spend money meant for the family on yourself, but makes a big deal if your spouse spends a dime.  This is not wanting to open your home to friends and family because you prefer to be alone and don’t want the hassles of entertaining. This is hogging the remote only going to cheap restaurants when you could afford better, or not watching programme your spouse wants to watch.

10.   Having Temper Tantrums – Every couple needs to be able to handle conflict in a constructive way.  Having an angry outburst so that you can win an argument will make you the looser in the end.


This has made my day. I have some of them but will strive to make up.