Tips for Simple and Healthy Lunch Box

Equipping your children’s lunch box with simple but healthy food is a sure way to introduce them to a good nutrition habits.  The following are some of the healthy foods you can prepare for your children’s lunch.

Foods:  In order to make it balanced, simple and healthy, combination of foods like: noodles with cooked egg or flaked fish, rice or pasta with vegetables, beans with plantain and yam with vegetable stew will make an appealing lunch box.

Sandwiches:  Prepare only light and healthy sandwiches for your children, add vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes, some proteins like boiled and sliced egg or shredded chicken for more nutrition.  Always avoid fatty and oily fillings.

Drinks: Water is a must in the lunch box.  You can also prepare water and milk as this is very good for children.  However, avoid drinks that have high sugar content because they increase the risk of child obesity and tooth decay.

Fruits:  Do not forget to add one or two fruits in the lunch box.  Think about apples, banana and oranges or blend them to make natural juice.
Vegetables:  Crunchy vegetables can be an alternative to processed snacks.  Consider carrot sticks, cucumbers, garden eggs as health ways of snacking.