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Why You Must Not Allow Your Kids to Get Tattoos

Recently, there has been a resurgence of body markings especially among the young people.  Some get tattoos because of unnecessary reasons like; peer pressure, being stylish, beautification of the body without taking into consideration the meaning and origin of tattoos.

Marking of the body or tattoos was used in the past by pagans to mourn their dead.  History also confirmed that pagan kings and their families used tattoos to appease the anger of their gods.  It was also hoped that when they cut their bodies for the dead, they will find some help in the land of the dead.

How to Get the Best Of Your Child’s Education

Enrolling your child in a school, providing him with books and even hiring private teachers for his assignments and then you hands-off your responsibility and stay away from home all day is not enough to bring out the best in your child.

Every child needs a good start in life and the parents have the responsibility of providing a fantastic platform on which the child could walk and succeed.  Your role as a parent is to create an enabling environment for your child.  This is done by showing interest and capability of taking care of his needs, making life easy and meaningful to him by making adequate provision for the essentials – food, shelter, clothing, books and little pocket monies for his cravings. 

Punishments You Should Not Give to Your Kids

Things Your Should Not Do To Your Kids When Angered

There is no doubt that the children’s behavior can be most times repugnant and disheartening that you will have no choice but lose your temper. While I am a strong believer of child discipline, I do not subscribe to taking extreme actions that will affect the life of that child and probably the whole family negatively.

Why You Should Constantly Acknowledge the Beauty and Capability in Your Daughter.

Have you ever been referred to as ‘Handsome’, ‘Dude’, ‘a Damsel’, ‘an Angel’ ‘Gorgeous’ and the likes?  Say the truth, how do you instantly feel during such periods? On top of the world, rejuvenated and ‘wanting to impress’ right? 

That is exactly how your daughter feels when you acknowledge her beauty and capabilities in words. Trust me she carries on in that spirit throughout her life.

Compliments have a very strong effect in the life of every individual.  Positive compliment affects positively while negative compliment affects negatively

While we were growing up, we were not so lucky to receive such accolades because our parents probably was ignorant of this simple personality booster, they rather focused on our perceived “inadequacies and shortcomings” and then built this ‘can’t do spirit’ in most women.