Punishments You Should Not Give to Your Kids

Things Your Should Not Do To Your Kids When Angered

There is no doubt that the children’s behavior can be most times repugnant and disheartening that you will have no choice but lose your temper. While I am a strong believer of child discipline, I do not subscribe to taking extreme actions that will affect the life of that child and probably the whole family negatively.

Whether you believe it or not, your words and actions are major contributors in the growth, development and success of your children.  So therefore you need to avoid doing the following when in anger.

Do Not Lay Courses on Your Kids

When you say words like “God will punish you”, “it will not be well with you” “you are a disappointment” “you are useless” etc, you are only laying a bad foundation and destroying the future of that child.  Instead of pronouncing evil words on your children, use the stick.  Yes, in Africa especially Nigeria, flogging is part of child’s training.  The Bible even agreed that “spare the rod and spoil the child”.

Do Not Use Harmful Objects on Your Kids

A mother recently killed her 17 years old son by throwing a kitchen knife on him.  The teenager pushed his mother to the ground while dragging a “love letter” his mother found in his pocket.  Seeing what he had done to his mother, he tried to run away but the mother who could only lay her hands on a kitchen knife she was using to peel an onion threw it at the boy and the knife pierced through the back of her son.

The boy was rushed to the hospital only to be pronounced dead.  Since that incidence, the woman who could not bear this unfortunate thing has not been seen.  Nobody can explain what happened to the woman.

No matter how much you are provoked, never allow your annoyance to becloud your sense of judgment to avoid unpredictable circumstances that may ruin the family you have worked hard to build.

Don’t Keep Malice with Your Kid

Most times when a parent is angry with a child, she may want to avoid the child and will not want to interact with him to show her annoyance.

While this can affect and humble most children to submission, don’t fail to understand that the stubborn ones will enjoy this action and see it as a way to evade house chores.  He may not bother himself; after all he will still eat and enjoy his privileges in the house. 

Another negative effect of keeping away from a child is that the child will form keeping malice as a behavior and this can be a big problem to the whole family.

Always be on top of your responsibilities and rights as a parent.  After scolding a child and he feels bad and withdrawn, start the healing immediately by showing love. Try as much as possible to reunite the child to the family.  This will enable him know that you are only helping him to do the right things and not fighting a war with him.

Don’t Deny Your Kid Food

I always hear a lot of parents telling their children “because you did not do this or that you will not eat”.  I do not think this will solve any problem for you especially when you are dealing with teenagers.  Rather you will be exposing them to criminal acts like stealing. 

Instead of allowing him to get away with not doing his part and contributing his quota in the family only to be starved, let him know that he owes you the duty of helping the family as much as he can while you owe him the duty of providing for him.

Do not give room for bad behavior.

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