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Habits That Can Delay Or Stop Your Marriage Proposal


After a certain age, every single girl who has the intention of getting married will begin to look out for a suitor.  Unfortunately many who thought that beauty, academic qualifications, family background and status in the society will make this journey a safe sail for them has been greatly disappointed.

Every endeavor in life is guided by rules and regulations and marriage is not left out. Certain things if not done properly will make getting married a herculean task but if you want to have a smooth journey in your quest to getting married take these tips in consideration.

How To Have a Blissful Marriage Even When the Woman is the Breadwinner

The unfavorable economic situations that is negatively impacting on individuals as well as organizations has brought with it loss of businesses and high rate of unemployment.  The irony of which the men are worst hit by this ugly trend, thereby making most women who run small businesses breadwinners of their various homes.

When this downturn happens, the woman takes over the responsibility of carrying the load of the family.  The responsibilities that were probably shared by both of them will now be shouldered by the woman alone or she will be the one who contributes ninety percent to keep the family moving.

While some women carry this cross with all sincerity and happiness, others find it very difficult to bear and consequently despise their husbands.  

Negligible Things That Can Destroy Your Marriage

Every married person is aware that it takes even more than hard work to build a strong and happy marriage. At the beginning, we were made to believe that marriage is a bed of roses but as we move ahead in our relationships, we come to the knowledge that you need to put your best to make your marriage work.

There is also this false belief that only big misdeeds like: infidelity, money, addiction, adultery etc can wreck a marriage.  Often times, you realize that the foundation of once solid relationship has been quietly destroyed by little and negligible things without you even realizing it.  
Some of the canker-worms to watch out for are:

Not Showing Appreciation. 

Saying ‘Thank you’ to every little favor done to a partner is a great way to show appreciation to that partner.  This little word of appreciation goes a long way to boost ones morale which may spur him into more actions: By thanking a partner, you are saying: “I see you, I acknowledge you.” Likewise, he should be thanking you, too. Otherwise there’s a tendency to start playing the ‘who did more’ game, which quickly leads to resentment. The more grateful you are, the more likely you build a strong relationship. Trust me.

What Does Valentine Mean to You

Show True Love
Valentine is here again, the day set aside to celebrate pure love demonstrated by a Priest known as Valentine when hedisobeyed Emperor Claudius II’s decree that Soldier must remain unmarried.    Claudius handed down this decree believing that soldiers would be distracted by their wives and will not be able to concentrate on fighting if they are to be married or engaged.  Valentine defiled the orders of the Emperor and performed marriage ceremonies for couples secretly.  As a result of this defiance, Valentine was put to death on February 14.  After his death, he was made a Saint.

As Christianity spread through Rome, the priests moved the feast of Lupercalia (a pre Roman Pastoral Festival to avert spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility.  It was also for pairing of young men and women) to February 14 and named it St. Valentine’s Day to honor St Valentine.

Today, Valentine’s Day means many things to many people.  To some, it is a day to give and receive gifts.  They look forward to beautiful gifts that will leave lasting impression in their lives.  Expectations are always very high among couples and not getting a gift from a partner is always regarded as not showing love.

To many it is a day of Indulgence.  This is mostly practiced by singles; they indulge in all kinds of things including immoralities all in the name of Valentine.  Some will go as far as losing their virginity in order to secure a Val.

To others it is a day to seal their love.  Many marriage proposals are done on this day and those with trouble and broken marriages finds it a suitable day to renew their vows and restore peace in their homes.

These are some of the reasons why people celebrate Valentine but to you, what does valentine mean.

To me Valentine day is a symbol of true and selfless love.  True love entails total self giving as Christ did on the cross of Calvary.  True love has no selfish interest; it is not hateful or self servicing.  It has no end.

Love is man’s true nature as man was created in love that is why it is said that man is the product of self diffusive goodness of God’s love.  Therefore man is mandated to love and live in love (1 John 3:11) ‘Love One Another’.   This is why every man celebrates and desire love irrespective of religion and age.

As we celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day, let us purify our love so that we can have a better relationship, better marriage, better faith practices and eventually a better world. 

4 Reasons Some Relationships Don’t End in Marriage

It is true that it takes the decision and agreement of both partners who are involved in a relationship to make it work and culminate into marriage, this success can only be achieved if partners are ready to unravel certain problems that are likely to stop the relationship from ending in marriage. 

You may have been in a relationship for many years hoping to get a marriage proposal from your partner but alas! He is not forth coming.  Perhaps the whole thing is getting unbearable and frustration is setting in, you are about quitting, you need to check if there are some issues stopping your partner from making such decision.  These five issues may be responsible for the break-ups:

Family Resistance: 

Albeit you and your partner may love each other very well and are interested in spending the rest of your lives together, the unsurpportive attitude of either of the family can be very devastating on the relationship.  Most times you hear young women say “it is between me and my husband” and doesn't care what any other person may feel, this assertion is very wrong because when a family especially that of the man is not ready to give a hand, the man finds it difficult to make a decision.  He may not tell you the war going on in his family just because he loves you and will not want to hurt you but then the decision to go ahead with a marriage is unlikely.   

Traits Men Cherish in Women

Traits Men Cherish in Women

Our team of investigators went round to inquire from the men what exactly they mostly cherish in women which will make them stick to a woman till death do them part.  Our revelation will greatly amuse you.  I am glad to present to you some of the responses we received, please read on.

Prudence:  The first man we talked to actually cannot stay with a partner who is reckless especially in spending money regardless of how rich he may be.  He can die for a woman who is sensible, cautious and wise.  He is of the opinion that a prudent woman will encourage her husband to save for the future while a reckless spender is only interested in her immediate comfort.

Fear of God:  This particular group can only stay with a woman who knows God and have strong faith in him.  This trait according to them will make it possible for the woman to be peaceful, prayerful, effectively manage the home well and raise good and responsible children.

Supportive:  70% of those we interviewed said they will never leave a woman who is caring, accommodating and able to stand by their side no matter the circumstance.  They said she must show deep interest in the overall well being of her man, believe in his aspirations.

Patient:  Our statistics show that almost all the men said they cannot cohabit for long with a woman who cannot endure with them.  They believe that a good woman must not be easily provoked or irritated and should be able to bear different conditions they may find their selves.  She should be tolerant, not nagging and open-minded.